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LaDondra Hervey talks with Stef about creating a legacy through generational wealth using her CODES method.

dark haired woman sitting on a couch with her right knoee drawn up to her chest. She is wearin a light green t-shirt and black slacks. Next to her is a notebook and pen on one side and a cup of coffee on the other. She is smiling at the camera.

Calling, Faith

September 1, 2023

Get Clear on Your Gifts so You Can Create a Legacy with LaDondra Hervey

Ditch the confusion and figure out your God-Given Gifts so you can answer the call of God and start the business God’s placed on your heart.

photo of a dark haired woman sitting on her bed reading her bible.


July 4, 2023

Clarify Your God-Given Gifts and Answer the Call of God

Use these tips to learn how to find your calling from God so you can build a successful business aligned to God’s vision.

dark haired woman sitting at a table reading her bible with a cup of coffee


June 24, 2023

How to Find Your Calling From God and Start a Business!

God has blessed you big, sister! I’m sharing the highlights from my spiritual gifts workshop so you know how to use your gifts for God’s glory.

Photo of a woman sitting on her couch with her hands on her heart and an open bible and a cup of coffee next to her.

Calling, Faith

June 8, 2023

Spiritual Gifts Workshop: Use Your Gifts for God’s Glory!

Join me as we discover what are spiritual gifts and how to use them for God’s glory in your Kingdom business.

photo of a dark haired woman sitting at her desk reading her bible with a cup of coffee

Calling, Faith

June 2, 2023

What Are Spiritual Gifts? Spiritual Gifts Workshop Day 1

As a Christian entrepreneur, you can include your faith in your podcast without niching down to Christian women. This blog gives three tips on how to do this.

Dark haired lady looking at a computer with a pen in her hand and a contemplative look on her face.

Calling, Faith

May 18, 2023

Should I Niche Down to Christian Women in My Podcast?

I have something pressing on my heart, an urgency in my spirit. I’m going to lay it all out because I believe the Lord has a word for you. A word He uses 79 times in the New Testament.

I pray this message will encourage and convict you.

Dark haired woman in green t-shirt is sitting in a chair. She is looking down and holding a Bible.

Calling, Faith

May 12, 2023

“Immediately” is Said 79 Times in The New Testament. Stop Waiting & Start NOW.

Do you struggle to connect God to your daily work? Listen as Jordan Raynor offers Biblical confirmation that our work is pleasing to God.


April 19, 2023

How to Find Eternal Purpose & Glorify God in Your Daily Work with Jordan Raynor

Stop making excuses for not starting your successful business. If God is calling you to online entrepreneurship, He will equip you.

Calling, Online Business

March 30, 2023

3 Excuses You Need to Stop Making if You Want a Successful Business

Stop avoiding the call of God. Eliminate your fear with the 9 promises found in Chapter One of the Book of Jeremiah.

brown haired woman sitting a chair, looking at the camera. she's wearing a green shirt and ripped jeans and holding a blue book with the word inspired in the center

Calling, Faith

March 17, 2023

Are You Avoiding The Call of God? 9 Promises from the Book of Jeremiah

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