How to start a God-centered, profitable business

I believe there are three steps to creating a passive income business from your calling. A business that is evergreen, sustainable, and successful. 

This is why I’ve created a 3-step framework for you to follow. It will take you from unsure and overwhelmed to clear, purposeful, prayerful, and profitable. 

I can’t wait to work with you sweet friend. God has big plans for you. Uncovering your calling and creating an online business doesn’t have to be hard. 

I would love to walk beside you with step-by-step training, accountability, and faith. Your trust in me is an honor. I’m so here for you. Let’s grow girl. 

To God be the Glory.


Take your podcast to the next level in my Podcast to Profit Group Coaching Mastermind Program. In this immersive, 90-day, intimate program we focus on making your show skyrocket. Optimization, SEO, keywords, marketing, visibility, course, coaching or program creation, special guests, sales pitching, and launch strategy!

This program is for you if you want a course or coaching program to monetize your podcast. You want to go all-in on making your podcast your business. You are done playing small and you need the tools, accountability, and strategy to make your podcast profitable!

Monetize your podcast
using Courses and Coaching

Step 3:

Join hundreds of students who have started, launched, and scaled successful podcasts using Podcast Pro University! From planning, recording, editing, and promoting, to monetizing and ranking - this course will help you grow a sustainable, scaleable audience from behind a mic! If you want to stop battling algorithms and grow a thriving business without the hustle, podcasting is the answer.

This course is for you if you are tired of hustling 24/7, putting makeup on for videos, want to serve, and use your voice to help others while building trust. You know that your avatar is busy and listens to audio... and you're ready to start solving all her problems and getting her results so you can create impact and income!

Start a Podcast & Grow an Organic, Evergreen Audience

Step 2:

Join me in Clarify Your Calling! In 4 short weeks you will know what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them. You will walk away from this course knowing how to start an online business. You’ll have a 5-tier Brand Map: a title, tagline, description, avatar clarity, and content plan so that you can start a business partnered with God. You will be able to answer ‘what you do’ and ‘who you serve’ with absolute clarity!

This course is perfect for you if you are tired of wondering what you were created to do, have tried all the things and are still stuck, need to niche down, or get clear on your calling so that you can start your online business. All while digging deeper into the plans God has for you.

Clarify Your Calling

Step 1:
instead of running your life around your business

It's time to build a business around your life

Happy Students
1,500 +
Cups of
coffee per day
Mornings spent with the lord
Students WITH 10K+ podcast downloads
50 +
Days I wear PJ’s to work
Years as a full time entrepreneur
Virginia Kerr

I made $30,000 and sold 65 courses in a week because of Stefanie! 

When I started working with Stef I felt alone, scared, and lost. She was my compass. She was my coach and friend. She was always on my side. She mapped out a plan and I followed it step-by-step (even when I didn’t want to). In one short week I made $30K and sold 65 courses… all because of Stefanie Gass.

This is Video School
Ronica Cormier

20,000 downloads on my podcast, 2x weekly traction on my website, peaked at 62 in my category for the US, was featured on 3 podcasts and 2 events, and 6x my traction on Pinterest. If you really want to move the needle in your biz, don’t hesitate, you’ll never find another coach that’s so passionate about seeing you win! I grew so much as a business owner and a woman during my time coaching with Stef and taking Podcast to Profit. I gained confidence to finally start showing up as myself- 100%. I stopped comparing myself to others and started kicking butt in my own lane. 

Mama Trauma
Tracy Wren

I was able to create and launch my first digital signature course in just 90 days!

And I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy.

I now have the confidence to create my next product, know exactly how to put everything together, and I’m ready to begin serving my clients even deeper over the next few months.

Having Stefanie as my coach, mentor, and friend helped to get me somewhere I don’t believe I could’ve gotten on my own. Grateful God brought us together.

Faith to Freedom

Student Success Stories


Thank you so much for your interest in working with me! I am extremely passionate about helping women get clear on their callings, start an online business, implement podcasting and passive income strategies, and blast through worldly limitations.

My courses, programs and coaching gives you the how-to, in-depth support and undivided guidance and attention you and your business deserve. My gifts are clarity, podcast mapping, course creation, and messaging. Pair that with accountability, a splash of faith, and trust in God's plan for you -- and BIG things happen.

Your purpose awaits!

I can't wait.

I’m so
you're here!

You will begin Stefanie Gass Business School by joining us in Clarify Your Calling. This is a 4-week course that will help you figure out your ‘thing’ and build your 5-tier brand map. Don’t worry, if at any point you are stuck, you can purchase a 30-min un-stuck session with Stef.

I'm starting from scratch

Get Clear

You will then graduate into Podcast Pro University. This course will help turn your calling and 5-tier brand map into an actual business. Building your new business starts with creating long-form content that will bring in listeners and leads without having to use social media, fight algorithms, or join the hustle movement. Podcasting is the best (and easiest way) to grow an audience!

I have clarity!
How do I build an organic audience?

Start a Podcast

Once you complete the 12 steps in PPU you will graduate to the group coaching program, Podcast to Profit where Stef will teach you (LIVE) how to scale your show, optimize your growth, and create a product, course, or coaching program.

I have a podcast!
I'm ready to monetize!!!

Make Money

Not sure where to start?

Check out the chart below to find out which course or program is right for you!

Need more accountability? Need Stef's brain to walk beside you, capture clarity, craft copy, or help you strategize and implement your podcast or course? No worries. If you are a Stefanie Gass Student, you can purchase a one-time unstuck session!

Meet with me via Zoom for a 30-minute un-stuck session as a course or mastermind student. These are one-time, strategy sessions based on where you're stuck. Typically we can go through the 5-tiers of brand creation, or map out your podcast in this time. I can also review a course outline, or jam on podcast titles, etc.



30-Min Unstuck Sessions

Perks of being a student?


“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”

‭‭Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭

Let's Grow, Girl.

Just a word of encouragement wherever this finds you today, friend. The joy is in the journey. Your breakthrough is on the other side of the hard, messy middle. Keep. Going. Keep. Growing. One thing at a time, one day at a time. Your pursuit of your purpose should be relentless, never-ending and joy-filled. It will be worth it. Promise.

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