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It’s time for your podcast to rank and become a profit-generating machine!

So… You started your podcast, now what?

Ready for your podcast to rank on the charts?

Want your downloads to explode?

Are you tired of figuring it out on your own?

Need to start making money from your show?

Is marketing stressful and confusing? 

Want your podcast to generate leads and clients for you?

Need accountability to stay focused and someone to tell you what to do next?

Knew the exact formula for getting your podcast to rank on the charts.

Were able to come up with SEO, keywords, and juicy podcast titles with ease.

Knew how to create a coaching offer or signature course that would be profitable.

Felt comfortable with marketing and sales because you had a simple formula to follow.

Didn’t have to go at it alone and had a sisterhood of Christian podcasters who would support you and keep you accountable every step of the way.

Had a top business and podcast coach by your side, holding you accountable and giving you coaching along the way.

Imagine if you...

Podcast to Profit group coaching program may be the answer you’ve been praying for.

In a matter of Months, you can have a completely optimized podcast that is ranking not only in Apple Podcasts….but potentially at the top of the charts. 

Are you ready to go all in on your podcast and follow a proven roadmap so you can build a sustainable business that will make money?
This program has everything you need to skyrocket to success…
All we are missing is you!

Create a coaching or course offer & know how to launch it

With P2P, you will be able to:

Land podcast interviews

Sell without the hustle or answering awkward DMs

Know what to work on in your business without the confusion

Use SEO strategy to grow your show

Get live coaching, feedback, and strategy designed specifically for your business model

We have booked SIX clients DIRECTLY from our podcast!!

The Ideal Balance podcast

Shana & Vanessa

I hit 1,000 downloads in my first month, have 100 5-star reviews, am ranking in 20 countries and have 3 coaching clients lined up after joining P2P! 

Mom Wife Career Life podcast

Kerri Patt

I was able to build out a workflow so that I know exactly what I need to be working on every single day.

Habits & Home Show

Lisa Lizotte

Before P2P I had a handful of people interested but I wasn't sure what to do with them except to wing it at coaching…after P2P, I got my first sale!

the eczema kids podcast

Andra McHugh

Podcast grew 130% in downloads, gained 4 paying clients, re-branded, created A new fb group and I am having so much fun!

Bold & Blended Stepmoms

Jen Rogers

In 90 days my podcast grew from 10k to 20k downloads and is now globally ranked in the top 2.5% and top 5 for all things midlife!

The Midlife Makeover Show

Wendy Valentine

P2P has been the sole resource to create a top 1.5% show with over 115K downloads in all 50 States and over 50 countries

The Grace Fueled Wife Podcast

Beatriz Vargas

Having a podcast that is profitable is going to be easier than you think!

It’s time to uplevel your show.

Are you ready for your podcast downloads to explode? 
Want to create an offer that your listeners can’t resist? 
Ready to improve your visibility & more leads? 
Want to use podcast SEO to grow your show the easy way without spending countless hours on social media?

In only 5 years, I created a highly-ranked podcast, passed a 1.5 Million downloads, and now run a seven-figure business. I’ve helped over 2000+ collective students
do the same, so I know you can do it, too!

Join me in Podcast to Profit. A live, 6-month group
coaching mastermind for Christian podcasters.
Get marketing strategy, accountability, and a community of faith-fueled, go-getter Christian entrepreneurs on a mission. 
You will experience massive momentum and
growth… which leads to profit.

Are you ready?

It’s possible!
I know because I’ve done it myself!

Inside Podcast to Profit Group Coaching Program

You’ll Get:


BREAKOUT co-working time




Spotlight coaching with stef

Ops, Email Marketing, Sales, Etc!

live launch and EVERGREEN
SALES training




God-centered business training




Rachael Groll

My first year of podcasting I had 1,000 downloads total and was ready to give up. However, the Lord interrupted those thoughts and told me to treat my podcast like I would a church. With that instruction, I decided to take the leap and pay for PPU. Right afterwards, I took P2P, and I haven't looked back since. Within 6 months, I have had over 265,000 downloads and I just signed with a large podcast network. There is no way I would be where I am today without Stef's encouragement, guidance, and support.

Hearing Jesus

"I took P2P, and I haven't looked back since. Within 6 months, I have had over 265,000 downloads"

Jessika Brown

Stefanie Gass and her God-inspired method has been the catalyst that brought my dreams to life! She taught me how to build a sustainable business that reach the kind of women I know God intended for me to serve by using my talents, podcasting, and prayer. In under 2 years I have built a business that provides extra income for my family with consistent $5K months and 120K downloads all while working full time elsewhere and being a present mama and wife!

Fuel Her Awesome

"In under 2 years I have built a business that provides extra income for my family with consistent $5K months"

Brittany Wilson

I can’t go on enough about P2P!! When I started P2P I had about 3,000 downloads; Yesterday was my 5 month anniversary of podcasting and today I hit 20,000 downloads! This is entirely without showing up on social! During P2P I started ranking in the US and a handful of other countries and I haven’t fallen off the US charts since! I got my first coaching clients, have my course mapped out and ready to launch, and I know so many incredible next steps I can take for my business when I have the time! I could not feel more equipped to continue expanding my business and the continued growth of my podcast is unbelievable! I could not be more grateful!!


"In 5 months I hit 20,000 downloads!"

I’m so glad you asked

What’s Inside
Podcast to Profit?

When you join us in Podcast to Profit, over the course of 6 months,
you will get training tutorials, live spotlight coaching,
team support, and so much more.

Learn how to grow your podcast, grow your downloads, utilize
SEO and keywords, learn how to get featured on other shows,
get a signature coaching or course framework, get strategy to sell
on your show, marketing help, and more. 

 I’ll also give you all my personal templates, and tracking files.

You will have access to the course + materials for 6 months along with live group coaching and office hours with my team!

Worried about the tech? No worries. There are also step-by-step tech tutorials giving you examples and guidance on HOW to complete each step.
You also get support from the team and students inside the FB Group.

Step 3

Step 2

step 1

Step 6

Step 5

Step 4

This Program will take you through 6 Steps of growth and monetization strategy

You can move as quickly or SLOWLY as you need to. up to 6 months to complete the program.

In step 1 we will focus on what matters MOST when it comes to growing a fulfilling, fruitful business. Being partnered with God in His will for our work.

Build a God-Centered Business

  • Mind your Mind
  • Position God as your CEO
  • Business Meetings with God
  • God-Led Decision Making

step 1

In step 2, you will learn how to make podcasting work to actually grow a niche, targeted audience. The foundation you build in step 2 is how you will get new listeners, increase your downloads, and ultimately grow your business!

Grow Your Audience

  • Niche Down to Grow Up
  • Know Your Ideal Person
  • Optimize Your Podcast
  • Podcast SEO
  • Keyword Rich Titles
  • Result Producing Content
  • Get Organized and Consistent
  • Track your Metrics

Step 2

In step 3, you will learn how to build trust with your audience by nurturing and helping them grow. You will learn to use community and email marketing to create rapport and connection that will ultimately convert.

Build Trust With Your Audience

  • Set Up Your Community
  • Nurture Your Community
  • Set Up a Simple Website
  • Build Your Email List
  • Nurture Your Email List

Step 3

In step 4, you will create your signature offer. You will know which offer is going to work best for your niche and audience. You will then be able to follow a step-by-step framework on how to craft the coaching offer or course.

Create Your Offer

  • Decide on Your Offer
  • Plan Your Coaching Offer
  • Build your Coaching Offer
  • Plan Your Course 
  • Build Your Course
  • Set Up Your Sales Page

Step 4

In Step 5, you will learn how to sell your offer. You will learn the power of direct podcast pitching along with urgency offer marketing. You will get clarity on how to sell and when to sell so that you can be confident in making money.

Sell Your Offer

  • 12 Month Sales Schedule
  • Sell on Your Podcast
  • Sell Using Live Launch
  • Sell Using a Flash Sale
  • Sell in your Community 
  • Sell in Your Emails

Step 5

In Step 6, you will learn from guest experts how to scale what you've built. You will learn how a freebie can work to convert cold traffic, easy ways to repurpose like blog 101, and pinterest. You will learn how to get spot on other shows and more.

Scale Your Business Bonuses

  • Legal 101
  • Freebie Framework
  • Blogging 101
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Podcast Guesting
  • Financial Basics

Step 6

mathew 19:26

With God all the things are posible

Podcast to Profit Applications!

We are now accepting

APPLY FOR THis group coaching program, BELOW.


Bi-weekly live power-coaching Thurs at 9:30AM MST
Meet with my team during office hours Tuesdays at 12PM MST

Because P2P is focused on creating massive growth and momentum in a 6-month period, please do not apply unless you’re ready to dig in and do the work.

Go-getters are always welcome!

If you want to experience real success, be prepared to commit at least 3-5 hours per week to the program.

I promise, it’ll be worth it!


Video training, LIVE spotlight power coaching, collaboration, and business transformation! 90-Min bi-weekly power coaching time! Small group pods so you can work together.

Serious applicants, only.

Brianne Bell

The Passive Income Nurse

In less than 1 year my podcast has grown to 25,000 downloads without social media. My show is a top 2% podcast globally. 

Faith Hanan

Simple SEO and Marketing

I ranked #47 for Marketing in the US, got 5 new coaching clients, and am highly ranked for my SEO and keywords!

Brooke Jefferson

Book More Clients Photography Podcast

I am now a top 1% marketing podcast with over 300,000 downloads! During P2P I got 11 new students and re-did my entire course!

Camie Wilkey

Bibles, Babies, and Business

My downloads doubled during Podcast to Profit! I have much more clarity about who I serve and rebranded my business.

Lauren White

The Intentional Edit Podcast

 I am a top 50 Home and Garden show in the US and a top 5% global podcast! My show grew to 15K DOWNLOADS which is 263% growth!

Laura Malone

The Christian Life Coach Collective

My impressions on Pinterest are up over 4000% in the last month because I started adding podcast episode pins to Pinterest with the spot on SEO!

Erika Diaz Castro

her renewed strength

I have a 1.5% globally ranked podcast 27K downloads and an established coaching business (in just 15 months) thanks to Stef and P2P!

This is for you if:

You are tired of playing it safe and you’re ready to make your podcast your business

You want to use organic, easy, free, visibility strategies to scale your show

You want to monetize your show with a course or coaching offer

You wish you had a sisterhood of supportive Christian women to walk beside you on your business journey

This is not for you if:

You don’t want your show to be your money-maker

You love spending hours on social media generating leads and closing deals in DMs

You already know how to grow with podcast SEO and keywords

You don’t need help with accountability or strategy

You’re rocking 1:1 sales and are making bank already

You wish there was a fun, evergreen easy way to sell that felt seamless

Are you ready to feel confident and excited about your business growth?

Save Huge!

pay in full

$4,997 /

one time

Most Affordable

Payment plan

$497 /

12 months

6-month access into my student membership group ($600 VALUE)

6-months of Office Hours with my Program Facilitators ($1000 Value)

Stef’s personal Sales Page Template ($500 Value)

6-months of Access to spotlight coaching with stefanie ($10,200 value)

6-Month Access to my Back-Office Business Blueprint Tutorials ($5,500 Value)

Special guest trainings on Legal, back-office Organization, Pinterest, tailwind, and systemizing your biz. #OrganizationGoals ($2,500 Value)

Access to Pinterest , Blog, & other business bonus tutorials ($500 Value)

Allison Scholes


In a matter of 3 months, my downloads increased by 75.1%! I also booked 4 1:1 coaching sessions in a matter of 2 days!

Angela Barnard


My podcast grew 60% and ranked in 6 different countries! I launched my first group program while in P2P and it sold out and my second program sold out 50% before I even announced it publicly!

Ellie Conklin


While I was going through P2P my podcast downloads multiplied by 8 [with only 5 episodes!!!]. It ranked #1 in its category and amongst all podcasts in Belize. It also ranked #38 in Japan!

Ronica Cormier


I gained countless followers on Instagram, approx. 1500 downloads on my podcast, 2x weekly traction on my website, peaked at 62 in my category for the US, was featured on 3 podcasts and 2 events, and 6x my traction on my Pinterest.

Shannon Klenk


It is a perfect combination of heart, accountability and business skills!

Michelle Byrd


I have had so many breakthroughs! To knowing what I am doing, to who I am serving, to feeling confident!

Natalie Mel


My show is ranked in the top 5% globally, my downloads increased by over 400% and I booked my first client!

In 5 years I've grown a podcast to #24 in the Entrepreneurship category. Passed 1.5M+ downloads, and went from the profit-struggle-bus to a million dollar business. 

I didn't pay to play. I didn't run FB ads until I had passed 400K in annual revenue. I didn't figure out some fancy funnel.

I trusted God and said YES to a business model that I didn’t understand. Putting service above sales. I showed up in obedience and stayed consistent. Putting my Lola first and focusing on solving her problems for FREE. 

Then, I figured out exactly what she needed and created passive products that would help her. I paired that with organic growth strategies, stellar niche messaging, and a passive income strategy that I know - is like no other.

I'm here to teach you everything I’ve learned so you can walk in my footsteps. My wish is for you to have my exact business model. I’m here to guide you through IMPLEMENTATION of each strategy inside P2P. Add weekly accountability, a sprinkle of tough love, and a lot faith… your life is about to change, forever. It’s time to step out and go from called to chosen. 

Hi Friend! I’m
 Stef Gass

I want you to have organic, long-game, needle moving SUCCESS. I want your podcast to go next level. I want you to start profiting from your efforts. If I can do this - so can you.

You were born for a time such as this.

A: This is a 6-month full immersion mastermind program. There are 12 weeks of trainings unlocked in your back office followed by bi-weekly spotlight group- coaching sessions to go over your homework and answer your questions. Each week you can also hop into office hours with my Program Facilitator for additional support. This program isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for those who are ready to go from a hobby to a business. Creating real programs and planning to profit!

Q: How long is this course?

A: The videos are recorded and created specifically for each week. They are dripped to you over the course of the program. The bi-weekly coaching is 100% live! You also get office hours with Stef’s team and access to the student community on FB where you can ask questions and get support from Stef’s team and prior P2P grads. You will also get 6-month access to Stef's Back-Office Blueprint with all the tech, templates, and tutorials that your heart could possibly desire!

Q: Is this live?

A: Friend, P2P is for you if you are DONE playing small and are 100% committed to doing the work to scale your podcast into a thriving, profitable business, once and for all. You want to do it by partnering with God so that you can pursue his plan for your life. You need a step by step plan, implementation, and accountability to get you to the other side. And, last but not least you are ready to get bigtime visibility, create your course or offer, and learn to love sales! P.S. You love to laugh (and cry) because we have SO much fun in this program and the connects you make are life-long.

Q: How do I know P2P is for me?

Absolutely! This is a live, group coaching mastermind program. I give weekly spotlight group coaching calls! Everyone is able to pre-submit questions and we take turns rotating people. You will learn a TON even if your question isn't answered live that round.

Q: Do we get any 1:1 or group coaching with this course?

A: In all honesty - this program is worth well over $20,000. The tactical growth strategies and business transformation I have seen blows my mind. I have students who have built 6 and 7 figure businesses from the podcast to profit business model. Students who have had 2K, 11K, and 75K launches using my workshop strategy. Many who have ranked top 10 (and even #1) in their category and have gone on to be featured on other top ranked shows. Basically, this investment will most likely change your life. Show up, invest in you, be coachable, do the work, and stay partnered with God. The rest is gravy baby. This program is worth it’s weight in gold. Trust me.

Q: Shoot me straight. Is this course worth the investment?

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No. If you do the work, you will have results. 

Write us and ask away!

Still unsure?