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Get Clarity on your Calling in 30 Days

In just 4 weeks you will Learn how to have a God-led mindset, create a clear brand and messaging plan, and know with absolute clarity what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them!

Starting a business is going to be easier than you think.

Discover how to have a God-led mindset,
figure out your niche, create a clear brand,
and know with absolute clarity what you
do, who you serve, and how you serve them!

finally know where to start by
following this step-by-step plan.

Were finally clear on what
God's plan was for you

Had practical steps to follow
on getting started

Were clear on who you were going to help in your business

Had a proven roadmap that eliminated overwhelm

Knew what your business would be called and what you'd talk about

Had accountability and support along the way

Imagine if you...

CYC is so good that I've invested in PPU!

Tonja Pietersz

I just got through doing week 2 and am feeling the fog that was in my mind being lifted!

Courtney Williams

Get clear on your

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be digging deep into God’s
plans for your life. Knowing what He created you to do, and
the steps to start are only a few short moments away. 

I invite you to join me in Clarify your Calling.

If you've been struggling to get clear on your calling so you can start an online business - this is the course for you.

Not only do you get the trainings, God-led foundations, and a 4-step clarity framework, but also a tight-knit community of other Christian women just like you, who will be supporting, encouraging, and pushing you to step out in faith so you can partner with God in building your business.


Niche and know where to start!

Katie Thornhill

This course not only helped me finalize my title, tagline, description and the pillars to base my content from, but more importantly interact with a community of amazing people sharing their story and visions too and how God can use each of us for a specific calling and purpose!

Stef Gass has a gift for helping walk you through from just an idea to let’s launch this thing next month!! Plus, she’s tons of fun to work with! Don’t wait, do it now!

"Stef Gass has a gift for helping walk you through from just an idea to let’s launch this thing next month!!"

Miranda Wendler

I received WAY more than clarity during Clarify Your Calling, it was spot on RIGHT TIMING for me-it started connecting the dots in a unique way as Stef focused on a God centered and hope-filled approach, not how can you one up your competition, more like-what has God done in your life and how can you partner with Him to bring Him glory in your life/business!!! Perfect timing for me.

"I started connecting the dots in a unique way as Stef focused on a God centered and hope-filled approach"

Katherine Leadbetter

Working with Stefanie in the Clarify Your Calling program opened up the flood gates of possibilities! I was stuck on creating a framework for what I believe God is calling me to do and her training walked me step by step through the process. I have now crafted the foundation of my business and will launch mid-year; whereas prior to CYC, I felt like I was trying to maneuver through quicksand… not getting anywhere and starting to lose motivation to pursue God’s path for me. There is no doubt in my mind that Stefanie is living what God has called her to and I am so thankful to be a recipient of her expertise and passion.

"There is no doubt in my mind that Stefanie is living what God has called her to and I am so thankful to be a recipient of her expertise and passion"

Ale Merino

She is so gifted and has so much talent when it comes to helping you uncover what your gifts, skills and calling is. She helps you go from idea to execution of making your calling into a career! Where you can actually have success... it's like she knew me right from the start. The most amazing thing is that at the end of Clarify Your Calling you will know WHAT to do and HOW to do it! (I mean who else can give you all that in 4 short weeks!?)

I have found a mentor for life, a friend and and light in my mompreneur journey. I could not be more thankful!

" the end of Clarify Your Calling you will know WHAT to do and HOW to do it!"

Becky Williams

CYC went so far beyond what I thought I knew about my business. Stef spelled it out so plainly and systematically I was finally starting to connect the dots. Not only did Stef rock my world and help me see the cracks in the foundations of my business but she completely helped me rebuild it on a STRONG, GODLY, and FIRM foundation.

I now KNOW that I KNOW who I am speaking to and what she NEEDS! Thank you Stef Gass for pushing me, for speaking life into MY business. Clarify Your Calling is so essential!

“Stef spelled it out so plainly and systematically I was finally starting to connect the dots”

Having clarity is the key to creating a business you love
(that actually makes income)! A business that helps others
while fulfilling God's plans for you is not a dream. It can be
your reality. 

Together, we will dive into a 4-week framework to uncover
your specific gifts so you can confidently start a business.

Week 03
Week 02
Week 04

This course will take you through 4 WEEKS TO GET

And get unstuck so you can start a business with confidence

Week 01
Week 01

Finding your calling starts with knowing who God says you are. This week we go deep into purpose work and partner with God so we can hear from Him. Learning God's plans for you start with this foundational work.

God-Led Mindset

  • Identity in Christ
  • Hearing From God
  • God-Crafted Purpose
  • Calling Foundations

Join me in this life-changing course

Week two we dig deep into all the things that make you, YOU. You'll learn what your spiritual gifts and vocational gifts are. You will dive into a formula that will help you uncover your 'Calling Common Denominator', aka 'your niche'. Your new business direction is born this week!

Discover Your Calling

  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Vocational Gifts
  • Calling Common Denominator 
  • Clarify your Calling 
Week 02

This week we focus on who you are called to serve. When we know what your avatar needs from you, your business starts to come together. We also dive into structuring your business tagline (aka. promise) so that you will know exactly what you do, and why.

Brand & Messaging Plan

  • Brand Creation
  • Avatar Clarity
  • Messaging Plan
  • Build Your Tagline
Week 03

In the final week, we combine everything you've done and create your business plan. You'll know what your business is called, who it's for, and what you'll actually
be doing to build an audience. No more overwhelm.
Full clarity and next steps.

Build Your Business Plan

  • Title & Content creation mapping
  • How to Build an Audience with Long-Form Content
  • Business Plan Creation
Week 04

Isaiah 30:21

This is the way, walk in it...

This is for you if:

You are sick of feeling stuck

You had help to know what steps to follow

You want a business that helps others

You need support and feedback
along the way

You know that god has a plan for your life

You want clarity on your niche

This is not for you if:

You have absolute clarity on your calling 

You are highly profitable & don't need help

You are operating in your purpose

Your spiritual gifts are already integrated into your work

You know the steps to starting your biz

You don't need accountability

From your calling right now

Save Big

pay in full

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one time
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Create a clear plan to get your business started

save time by following this simple framework

this is perfect




Start a business

Lauren Maddox

She has a GIFT! Her ability to offer ideas and insight and to speak to what you're specifically needing is powerful. I spent our entire session mostly in awe (loss for words/stunned look on my face) at the new ideas and creative angles she provided. Thankful for her wisdom, but also her encouragement to let God lead where any of this goes in my life.

New Ideas & Creative Angles!

Kim Sexton

I am so grateful to Stef and her team for creating CYC. It has blessed me in so many ways. First of all, I thought I had clarity just by listening to her awesome podcasts, however, I decided to do the course to be totally clear on Gods purpose and plan for my life. Now, I have absolute clarity, direction, motivation and all of my next steps.

Now I have absolute clarity on my next steps

Joy Elizabeth Davis

Stef is 100% THE clarity guru!!! I have taken a few classes with her and feel so much clearer. I have been honored to experience her brilliance in live one-on-one coaching session. I highly recommend using her to uncover your passion and reach your top potential. I love working with her and being around her positive successful creative community. She is amazing and I do not have enough adjectives to describe how happy I am. thanks Stef Gass.

Stef is 100% THE clarity guru!!!





Joining us in Clarify Your Calling? Yes!

I am so proud of you!

Q: How long is this course?

A: This course is intended to be taken over 4 weeks. There is a 60 minute training with homework for each step. The beauty of this being a self-study course is that you are welcome to push through the trainings at a quicker (or slower pace). Whatever works best for you.

Q: Is this live?

A: No. This is a 100% self-paced course. You do have access to Stef’s student community on FB where you can ask questions and get support from Stef’s team and prior CYC grads.

Q: How do I know CYC is for me?

A: CYC is for you if you are DONE being confused with how to start an online business. You are 100% committed to doing the inner and outer work to get clarity once and for all. You want to do it by partnering with God so that you can walk out his plan for your life. You need a step-by-step plan, implementation, and accountability to get you to the other side.

Q: Do we get any 1:1 or group coaching with this course?

A: Kinda. This is a fully self-paced program. However, you get access to my Student FB group community and my team and prior CYC grads are all there to support you. As a Stef Gass student you have access to a live, monthly student unstuck group call.

Q: Shoot me straight. Is this course worth the investment?

A: In all honesty - this course is worth over $1,000. The breakthrough and life transformation I have seen come out of it is unreal. However, I feel led to offer you a super affordable solution to finding clarity. Creating kingdom entrepreneurs is my JAM and I know that God has big plans for you. It’s your time and if I can help you get there - it’s my duty and responsibility to do so. So, HECK YES. It is worth it’s weight in gold. Trust me. 

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No. If you do the work, you will have results. 

Write us and ask away!

Still unsure?