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Get clear on your calling, or find
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Business Podcast

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Come listen to hours of free training so you can grow your online business and make income online. Learn how to use podcasting to make sales instead of spending endless hours on social media. Be encouraged by God’s word with faith-led business coaching that will equip you to walk His path for your life and business.

The Go-To Podcast for Christian Women who Want to Grow their Online Business

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Want to Make More Money? 3-Step Simple Sales Plan

As Seen In:

"In 3 years, Stefanie has helped me grow a million-dollar business from my laundry room!"

Video and Marketing Hacks for Women
Virginia Kerr


Chelsi Jo Moore

I've passed half a million downloads and AM a top 5 Parenting Podcast! I've also helped 200+ moms go through my courses after Stef's Podcast to Profit program!

Motherhood in ADHD
Patricia Sung


Juliane Page

I hit 2 million downloads in 15 months after taking Podcast to Profit!

Hearing Jesus podcast
Rachael Groll

Thanks to Podcast to Profit, I am fully booked with clients from my podcast!

the Estranged Mom Coach
Jenny Good

I am now a top #23 podcast in Parenting with almost 400,000 downloads, thanks to Stef's courses!

Joy Filled Podcast
Jenna Griffith

We doubled our monthly revenue to $14.6K! half of that income was passive (from our new course)! Our show grew from 4,657 to 73,055 downloads - all because of Podcast to Profit!

Ideal Balance podcast
Shana & Vanessa

For the first 6 years growing a business without social media seemed impossible. I wanted to put my phone away and be present, but I was always working. I wanted to build a business with God at the center, but I didn’t know how.

After years of striving and struggling, I finally surrendered.

God showed me how to grow a successful, online business in less time using podcasting. A business that glorified Him. A business that didn’t depend on hustle and striving.

The business God helped me build allows me to put my laptop down, be present, spend time with my family, make a significant income, and create Kingdom impact.


Hi Friend! I’m Stef

I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur for over a decade.

Let’s grow, friend.

Get clear on the exact steps to owning a God-centered business


Scale Your Show and Monetize with Courses or Coaching

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Step 3:
make money from
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Get Clear on Your Calling so You
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Step 1:
Start a business

Start a Podcast and Grow Your Audience in Less Time

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Step 2:
Grow your business 

Take your podcast to the next level in the Podcast to Profit Group Coaching Mastermind. This is a 6-month, faith-led program that will skyrocket your show. Optimization, SEO, keywords, marketing, visibility, course, coaching or program creation, sales pitching, and live launch strategy... you'll get it all in P2P! Follow a step-by-step, proven system full of support and strategy. It's time to make money from your podcast. 

Make Income From
Your Podcast with Courses & Coaching

Have a Podcast?

Join hundreds of students who have started, launched, and scaled successful podcasts using Podcast Pro University! From planning, recording, editing, and promoting, to monetizing and visibility - this course will help you grow a sustainable, scalable audience from behind a mic! If you want to stop battling algorithms and grow a thriving business without the hustle, podcasting is the answer.

Start a Podcast and
Grow Your Audience

Have a Business?

In less than two years, my podcast is at 100K downloads and is in the top 1.5% of global podcasts! I’ve even ranked top 20 in my category!

When I reached out to work with Stef, I didn't know anything about podcasting. Not only did I get a step-by-step simple strategy to launch that helped me rank 21 in the entrepreneur category (next to names like Jasmine Star and Jenna Kutcher), I've been able to scale my podcast and currently have just under 100K downloads. Stef is anointed and carries giftings that are invaluable. Not only do I have a podcast that has helped me scale my coaching business, I have a ministry tool that has given me so much joy and has helped me connect with others around the world.

Seek First SEO
Heather Shriver Burns

I had my first 10K month and am running a thriving coaching practice

...making a difference in the lives of the women God has called me to serve. I do not spend a ton of time promoting myself on social media. My podcast is my major lead source and it's growing rapidly! I am so thankful I don't have to struggle with trying to get coaching clients anymore. 

The Estranged Mom Coach™
Jenny Good

I am about to have my first 10K month and have been featured as a top 15 VA Coach by Yahoo Finance!

I have worked with Stefanie for over a year and a half! Both privately and have taken her courses. Because of her mentorship and strategy, I am now able to say I have a TOP ranked podcast that’s about to pass 30K downloads! And, I’m about to have my first 10k month. EEK!!! I have also been recognized as a top 15 VA Coach by Yahoo! Finance. I have Multiple e-courses that are helping others while allowing me to stay present for my kids. Forever grateful to Stef. Take the leap, you won’t be disappointed.

Freelancer to CEO
Aubree Malick

My podcast reached 1,000 downloads in 5 days and is now in the top 50 for my category!

My podcast grew and became a focal point for generating leads..... WOOOOO!!!!!
SO SO SO thankful for Stefanie Gass and Podcast Pro University. Doing a clarity call with Stef was a GAME changer! I dove in and in 18 days, I had a podcast. I have PEACE and clarity and a PLAN! My podcast reached 1,000 downloads in 5 days and is now in the top 50 for my category!

I would recommend PPU and Stef's coaching to everyone who has a heart tug to start a podcast.  THANK YOU X100000!!

Horacio Printing Co.
Polly Payne

Within 30 minutes of a coaching call with Stef I booked my first PAYING Client!

Within 30 minutes of our first call, I booked a PAYING client! Absolutely mind blowing. We are barely half way through Podcast to Profit Mastermind and I'm dreading when it ends. I have IMPLEMENTED so many things because of what Stef has taught me. She shows you how to take action and move forward. If you need clarity, she is the QUEEN of getting you on track! Stef I cannot thank you enough and can't wait to experience the rest of P2P!

She Embraces Fear
Susie Aguilar

I had an 11K LAUNCH with the program Stef and I created and was able to grow my Facebook group from 150 to over 3,000 members!

I am THRILLED with the business transformation I've gotten over the past 4 months! At the beginning of P2P, I didn't have an existing coaching client base and now I am fully booked with 1:1 coaching in my business! I had an 11K LAUNCH with the signature program Stef and I created and was able to grow my Facebook group from 150 to over 3,000 members! My podcast is also organically growing and flowing. My business is finally everything I KNEW it could be.
I am forever grateful, and am obviously keeping Stef as my business coach. If you're on the fence about working with her or taking her programs, RUN before they sell out.

Book More Clients Photography Podcast
Brooke Jefferson

I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy!

I was able to create and launch my first digital signature course in just 90 days!
And I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy.

I now have the confidence to create my next product, know exactly how to put everything together. I’m ready to begin serving my clients even deeper over the next few months.

Having Stefanie as my coach, mentor, and friend helped get me somewhere I don’t believe I could’ve gotten on my own. Grateful God brought us together.

Faith To Freedom
Tracy Wren

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