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HOW to discern distraction vs. opportunity in 5 simple steps. I know that our lives are FULL of hard choices. Questions and ideas tugging at us from every angle as Christian Entrepreneurs.

distraction vs. opportunity


August 30, 2021

Discern Distraction vs. Opportunity in 5 Simple Steps

Instagram detox

Instagram detox


August 27, 2021

Instagram Detox Week 2 Update! Biz Numbers Revealed

Come on a journey of what really happens to the numbers when we remove social selling and the emotional health journey of breaking free from phone addiction.

habbukuk revelation


August 20, 2021

Habukkuk Revelation & 30 Day Social Detox Update

Today I am going over 5 steps to staying motivated in the messy middle of entrepreneurship! These 5 things will help you navigate the journey of building a business as a busy working mom. I pray these help you, encourage you, and give you tactical guidance on how to keep building even when it gets hard.

messy middle


August 10, 2021

5 Ways to Stay Motivated in the Messy Middle

There is a way to navigate this Competitive Online Business World without tearing each other down. Let’s support each other while staying in our own lane.

Competitive Online Business World


April 23, 2021

Jealousy & Insecurity in this Competitive Online Business World

Find HOPE Inside the HARD. 4 Steps to Trusting and Being Anchored in HOPE as a busy working mom or online entrepreneur! How to navigate the hard parts and messy middle of creating a business online.

anchored in hope


November 26, 2020

HOPE Inside the HARD. 4 Steps to Trusting.

If you’ve been feeling stuck. Unsure. Unsatisfied. Wishing and wanting. Frustrated with the lack of progress or clarity in your life, motherhood or business… THIS ONE’S FOR YOU. Get Unstuck!

get unstuck


November 12, 2020

Get UNSTUCK, Sis! How to Take ACTION!

3 Reasons you haven’t started your podcast yet and why you should! True success comes from saying YES to serving over selling. If you want to make money from home and build a passive income business, podcasting it HOW.



October 16, 2020

Unmotivated? Uninspired? 3 Solutions so You Can Get to WORK.

Inside today’s episode, we dive into living more Christ-like and uncover how to lay certain things down for the Lord. I discuss scripture with you that helped me lean into a new understanding of REST and RESTORATION in my mind, business, life, and motherhood. I vulnerably share with you my plan for what God’s calling me to lay down, and I hope that it inspires you to inventory how you are showing up in your life. What you’re hiding behind, and what needs to change.

rest and restoration


October 1, 2020

Laying it Down For The Lord. Seeking REST & RESTORATION!

The 90/10 rule! I use this WEEKLY to COMBAT comparisonitis and imposter syndrome.

imposter syndrome


May 14, 2020

My STRATEGY to Beat Comparisonitis & Imposter Syndrome

How to get started with podcasting, and what should my title and tagline be? Craft a neat, clean, punchy tagline and title and start a podcast.

Combatting BURNOUT


May 7, 2020

My #1 Strategy to Combatting BURNOUT & Staying PRESENT

Let’s talk about claiming your own worth and stepping into your potential as a powerful, Christian Business Owner

stepping into potential


January 23, 2020

Speaking Worth & Stepping Into Potential as a Christian Podcaster

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