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As a Christian entrepreneur, you can include your faith in your podcast without niching down to Christian women. This blog gives three tips on how to do this.

Dark haired lady looking at a computer with a pen in her hand and a contemplative look on her face.

Calling, Faith

May 18, 2023

Should I Niche Down to Christian Women in My Podcast?

I have something pressing on my heart, an urgency in my spirit. I’m going to lay it all out because I believe the Lord has a word for you. A word He uses 79 times in the New Testament.

I pray this message will encourage and convict you.

Dark haired woman in green t-shirt is sitting in a chair. She is looking down and holding a Bible.

Calling, Faith

May 12, 2023

“Immediately” is Said 79 Times in The New Testament. Stop Waiting & Start NOW.

It doesn’t have to be hard to connect with God every day! Follow these 4 steps to grow your faith and focus on your relationship with the Lord.

photo of a woman sitting on her couch with a cup of coffee as she prays over her bible.


May 2, 2023

4 Easy Steps to Connect With God and Grow Your Faith

I’m chatting with Brooke Jefferson! I break down my faith journey and how I learned to trust God’s plan for my business.

Dark haired woman sitting in her living room journaling in her notebook.


May 2, 2023

How to Trust God’s Plan For Your Business Instead of Yours

The world defines success in many different ways, but what does God say? Let’s dive into a biblical definition of success!

dark haired woman working from home on her sofa. Stefanie Gass shares 4 biblical truths about success.


April 10, 2023

What’s Your Definition of Success? 4 Biblical Truths About ‘Success’

Stop avoiding the call of God. Eliminate your fear with the 9 promises found in Chapter One of the Book of Jeremiah.

brown haired woman sitting a chair, looking at the camera. she's wearing a green shirt and ripped jeans and holding a blue book with the word inspired in the center

Calling, Faith

March 17, 2023

Are You Avoiding The Call of God? 9 Promises from the Book of Jeremiah

I am sharing Bible verses for fear and 7 ways that you can continue to follow God’s plan when you’re afraid, anxious, or unsure.


February 23, 2023

How to Follow God’s Plan When You’re Scared – Bible Verses for Fear

Did you know that fear could be the clue to unlocking your God-given calling? Find out how you can biblically overcome your fear of failure.


February 20, 2023

Do It Scared: Biblically Overcome Your Fear of Failure

Do you struggle with low self-confidence? Here are 5 tips to boost confidence and defeat your inner critic once and for all.


February 17, 2023

5 Tips Proven to Boost Confidence and Defeat The Inner Critic

Special guest Shae Bynes from The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur podcast shares how God led her to start a business over a decade ago.


February 10, 2023

Exchanging Grind For Grace as a Kingdom-Driven Entrepreneur

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