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Are your limiting beliefs holding you back? Stef tackles this fear head-on with three steps backed by Biblical truth!

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October 13, 2023

Biblically Blast Any Limiting Belief in 3 Simple Steps

I do these 7 things to help me be productive, stay focused & find balance in my life and business. Follow these tips to help you do the same.

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Online Business, Productivity

October 11, 2023

7 Daily Things I Do in My Business That You Should Do Too

Let’s talk about growing your team. If you feel ready to bring on a virtual assistant or a first or second team member, this post is for you.

Online Business

October 9, 2023

Ready to Bring on a Virtual Assistant or Team Member? 5 Key Strategies to Building a Top-Notch Team

Where has your creativity gone? Listen as Stef walks you through four ways to get inspired and bring your creativity back.

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Online Business

October 6, 2023

Uninspired? 4 Ways to Find Creativity and Inspiration

Want to boost the profit potential in your business? Consider with me 5 ways to immediately boost your profit potential, starting today.

Online Business

October 4, 2023

5 Immediate Ways to Boost Your Profit Potential

My favorite paper planner is a capsule of my year. It keeps me productive & creates a keepsake for me and my family where I can see God at work in my life & business.

dark haired lady sitting at a desk with a pen in her hand and a notebook, laptop, glass of juice and microphone in front of her on the desk. She is wearing a pink headband and white t shirt and is smiling into the camera.

Online Business

October 4, 2023

My Favorite Paper Planner & How I Use it in My Life and Business

Want to grow your audience online? Stef shares three ways a podcast can help you achieve that goal in your business.

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September 29, 2023

3 Ways a Podcast Helps You Grow an Audience Online

I‘ve got a niche training for you with something I call the TSO statement. It’s your tagline and stands for Tactical Specific Outcome.


September 28, 2023

Get Clear & Niche Down on What Your Podcast Tagline & Business Promise Should Be

Concerned about a drop in podcast downloads or the slow growth of your show? There are reasons this can happen and knowing them can help you know when & when not to worry.

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September 27, 2023

A Few Reasons Your Podcast Downloads Might Be Down

Is your direction too big? Stef offers a simple formula using D.O.W.N. to help you niche down and reach your ideal listeners.

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September 22, 2023

Niche Down With This Simple Formula

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