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life-changing content from a Christian business coach (who's kinda funny)

for faith-led women who are ready to partner with God in life and business. For women are called to create an impact for the Kingdom by using her gifts for glory. This is the podcast for you if you want to create a God-centered, online business while still living life with presence, intention, and purpose. 

The Stefanie Gass Show has hours of free training and live business coaching that will help you get clarity on your ‘thing’, create a passive income business using podcasting, courses, and authentic marketing strategies. All on a foundation of faith by partnering with God in life and business! You will also hear inspiring interviews from Stef’s students and industry experts... and… laugh… a lot. 

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The Stefanie Gass Show

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The Stefanie Gass Show

What you'll find inside

Live Business Coaching

Podcasting and Passive Income Strategies

Balance, Productivity, and Purpose Work

Faith and Biblical Inspiration

Expert Guests, Client, & Student Interviews

Inside Stef's Live Business Coaching episodes, you will find tactical, insightful mentorship between Stef & her clients. You can be a fly on the wall as she shares her gift of clarity and strategically helps her client build a biz roadmap from scratch!

Inside Stef's Podcasting and Passive income episodes you will learn how to use a podcast to drive organic, FREE traffic, optimize your show so that it grows and create a monetization strategy that doesn't mean work, 24/7!

Stef is a HUGE balance and productivity nerd. She believes that you should live your life around your business, not run your business around your life. She teaches you how to scale your business while having time and presence to focus on what matters most. Your relationship with God and your family.

In order to live a life of favor and blessing we must be partnered with God in this journey. Stef has a strong foundation in her relationship with God and her spiritual gifts of Faith, Wisdom, Leadership, and Teaching. Her goal in these episodes is to help you lean into God's path for your life and strengthen your faith!

You will love the amazing guests, clients, and students that Stef hand-picks for this podcast! From online marketing experts to spiritual growth mentors, to moms on a mission - you will find these interviews to be heart touching, tactical, and transformational.

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Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105

3 Non-Negotiables You MUST HAVE as an Online Entrepreneur!

3 Non-Negotiables You MUST HAVE as a Successful Online Entrepreneur! Three things that will help you scale your online business to success, fast.

Map Out a Brand

Listen in to live Christian Business Coaching where we take ideas and passions and convert them into an online brand! Title, tagline, description, and more!

Affiliate Revenue

How to make money as an affiliate marketer. 4 Steps to growing an income stream using affiliate revenue. Build a profitable affiliate portfolio!

Experienced God

8 ways that I have tangibly, supernaturally, experienced God. Let’s normalize spiritual conversations! I pray this helps you look at life with spiritual eyes.

Create a Kingdom Business

Create a Kingdom Business

Habit Stacking & Habit Hacking

Habit Stacking & Habit Hacking! Create healthy habits that turn into routines. Habit stacking & habit hacking will boost your productivity, energy, & mood.

Motivational interviewing & Listening Hacks

Motivational interviewing & Listening Hacks! Reflection Strategies to transform the way you connect & communicate with your clients, kids, spouses, & friends!

Verses for Trust

Verses for Trust and scriptures to help you find peace in God’s Plans for your life as a busy mompreneur, kingdom entrepreneur, or online business owner!

Build an Organic Lead Funnel

How to Build an Organic Lead Funnel for Network Marketers! Without social media, ad spend, or reels, as a MLM professional! How to have leads in your inbox.

Magnetize Rather than Market

3 Ways to Magnetize Rather than Market! Pull and attract leads, followers, subscribers, and buyers without SELLING. How to grow trust and conversion.

God-Sized Dreams

Biblical Truths about treating your body like a temple, self love, self worth, cellulite as women.

Daily Intentions for Moms Raising Kingdom Kids

5 Mama Intentions to Strive for DAILY – Connect with & Cultivate Kingdom Kids

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I was at the end of my rope, frustrated with trying to scale my online business. Showing up all the time on social media, YouTube, lives, blogging, and launching course after course with no real traction. I knew I was on the right path, but something was off, something was missing.

I kept praying to God to guide me, to direct my steps. To use my business for his good. To show me how I could impact and lead the women He needed me to, without doing it the world's way...

In October of 2018 I woke from a prophetic dream. The message was clear: Start a Podcast. HUH?! I didn't listen to podcasts and I had no idea how to start one. That day, I kept feeling holy spirit prompt me so I grabbed the $20 Amazon mic I had stuffed in a drawer, plugged it in and pressed record.

I felt the click. I knew it was an answered prayer.  A way for me to show up in my authenticity, build a biz around my littles, and wear #PJsAllDay. haha. Hallelujah!

Two and a half short years later I am in awe of what God has done through this platform. How he has partnered with me to grow something that has truly become a ministry. He is so faithful and I'm forever thankful that I was obedient in answering his command.

I pray this podcast finds you right on time.

In October of 2018 God spoke to me in a dream, "Start a Podcast."

Hey sweet friend...

Be anxious for nothing -Matthew 6:34