"We love because

Mama to two amazing boys who love wrestling, building, creating, and being the light in other’s lives. Dog mommy to Hugo, my little old man-pug who hasn’t left my side since 2010.

I’m a Jesus-loving, coffee-drinkin' wifey to a handsome, faith-led, blessing of a husband who loves hunting, wood-working, and sports. 

he loved us"
1 johN 4:19

Stef’s Spiritual Gifts are


I was an introverted mommy’s girl who grew up in a tiny town called White Rock. My dad instilled in me a hard-work ethic, silliness, laughter, an obsession with coffee, and a never-give up attitude. My mom showed me what it means to be selfless and love with a servant's heart. She taught me unconditional love.

When I was little I wanted to be an author... 

Ugg Slippers
A mile high
mom bun

 Middle school and high school were a hot-mess express (rebellion and identity issues anyone?!). I’m going to not so casually skip over those precious years. Haha! 

By my mid-20’s, I had channeled my ambition into achievement. I double-majored in accounting and finance, and went on to become the youngest financial controller in a global company by the age of 26.

I met my hubby in 2010 at work (he was the auditor #sorrynotsorry) and the moment I saw him I said, “I’m going to marry him.”

And I did.

As I grew, God pushed me and cultivated my leadership gift and I began to come out of my shell...

shout-out to my baby daddy...

The man who supports my crazy dreams.
loves me through my trials.
believes in me.
shows our boys what it means to be a godly husband and father.

he is one of the greatest gifts god has given to me.


It was 2012, I was newly married and we were ready for a family. Brad and I decided it was my chance to try my hand at something new… something where I could work from home and raise our future littles.

Enter entrepreneurship. 

I got lost in chasing success the world’s way. I rose to the top 1% of my network marketing business and by 2015, I ‘had made it’. I walked the stage carrying a 60K bonus check in front of 20K people… little did I know how much success was stealing from me.

In the 2 years that followed, I gained 60 pounds, had a newborn, was riddled with anxiety attacks and felt consumed with the uncontrollable desire to work and do more. Achieve more. 

I now know that I was holding my worth and worthiness inside my worldly success.

In 2016 my business crumbled. The 1,000s of people in my downline seemed to disperse overnight. I wasn’t able to rebuild faster than it was falling apart. 

I had made one dire mistake - I had put all my eggs in someone else’s basket.

I found myself broken, searching for identity. The money was gone. The team was dwindling, fast. I vividly remember running the numbers in our accounts and going to my husband with a tear-streaked face… telling him, “We don’t have enough to pay the bills.” He lovingly and calmly said, “It’s okay babe. We will borrow it from Miles' savings account and I’ll sell my Harley motorcycle.” Just like that. He selflessly loved me through my mistakes, and held my hand through one of my darkest seasons.

It’s moments of pure grace and God’s loving hand that got me through that tough year. 

After jet setting to Spain and Germany a few times and becoming a full-fledged workaholic - I found myself in my first (and not last) identity crisis as my manufacturing plant closed up shop...

You didn’t know about me

I have bitten my nails since 1987
I have grey hair
I eat  mustard with tamales
I prefer carbonated water to regular
I don’t own high heels

My eyes water when I’m tired

After panicking and trying to regain my 'success' somehow by starting an Amazon merch t-shirt business, then applying for dozens of finance jobs, getting distracted by everything other than what I was called to do - a friend sat me down and said, "Stefanie. Stop doing everything that doesn’t make sense and get back to what you were created for."

That was it. I knew I had to stop letting ‘busy’ and ‘more’ run my life. I knew I needed to surrender, to let go of control and to redefine what success meant for me. To fully and truly trust God for the first time, ever.

I was a Christian on paper, but I was missing a relationship with Christ. I was missing the rest only He provides. I was missing His path for my life.

I got out a sheet of paper and I wrote down who God wanted me to be. I started with time with Him, surrender, obedience. To get healthy, to show up in my marriage and motherhood BEFORE my business. To serve instead of sell. And to grow in my faith in order to have a fruitful future.

Long, drawn out multi-course dinners
90-minute massages
Boogie boarding in the ocean
Family movie night
Laughing so hard I cry
Being in nature
Mountain bike riding
PJ's all day

Holy spirit began whispering to me to step back into entrepreneurship. But this time, God’s way.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, how, or what I would even do, to be honest.

But, I stepped out in faith. I started with Facebook Lives and then moved to coaching network marketers, then mompreneurs. I helped them get over their fear, grow businesses online, and market His way. I listened carefully to His whispers and shamelessly partnered business coaching with faith.

It was a slow grow. As it should have been.

I love so much how God knows exactly what we need, even when we don’t.

In 2017 my breakdown became my breakthrough. I found my identity in Him, instead of the world. I started doing one thing daily that the woman on the paper would do. I invested in a gym I couldn’t afford (so that I would show up). I took time to be present with my kids and husband. I started turning off my social apps on the weekends. I started praying daily, then multiple times a day. I finally surrendered my life for his will.

new Mexican
Cooked Veggies

I began feeling frustrated with growing an online business. I felt like I was showing up all the time on social media, YouTube, lives, blogging, and launching course after course with no real traction. I knew I was on the right path, but something was off, something was missing.

I kept praying to God to guide me, to direct my steps. To use my business for his good. To show me how I could impact and lead the women He needed me to, without doing it the world's way...

In October of 2018 I woke from a prophetic dream. The message was clear: Start a Podcast. HUH?! I didn't listen to podcasts and I had no idea how to start one. That day, I kept feeling the Holy Spirit prompt me so I grabbed the $20 Amazon mic I had stuffed in a drawer, plugged it in and pressed record.

I felt the click. I knew it was an answered prayer. A way for me to show up in my authenticity, build a biz around my littles, and wear #PJsAllDay. haha. Hallelujah!

3 short years later I am in awe of what God has done through this platform. How He has partnered with me to grow something that has truly become a ministry. He is so faithful and I'm forever thankful that I was obedient in answering his command.

Today, I GET to help women get clarity on their callings, create a Kingdom business using podcasting and courses, and maintain their boundaries, and priorities. 

It’s proven one thing to me: your dreams for your life pale in comparison to God's dreams for your life.

Yes and Amen!
Lydia Santos

Lydia has been with #TeamStef for a year (even though it feels like forever)! She was a divine appointment by the Lord! Lydia submitted her application mentioning Isaiah 30:21 while I was redoing sales copy and saw the exact verse on my screen. She was hired. Lydia manages all student success, community assistants, and interns. Lydia is also the operations manager in charge of procedures, SOPs and organizing Stef’s brain.

Strengths: Supportive, Sarcastically hilarious, Micro-details mixed with big-picture vision, Girl can work a spreadsheet, and God-centered in all she does.

Lydia lives in Texas with her husband and two boys. She drinks as much La Croix as I do. #twins

Melodie Bishop

Melodie joined #TeamStef as a Student Community intern and quickly excelled in her role. She is now our executive assistant handling all things client correspondence, inbox, and more. We are excited to add her to our leadership team! 

Strengths: incredibly fast learner, takes initiative, gives excellent feedback, and executes tasks with an eye for detail. 

Melodie is a boymom who loves organization and pumpkin spiced lattes.

Executive Assistant
For all graphic design inquires and student pricing offers please email Ale at


Ellie Conklin
facebook moderator & PRayer team 

Stefanie Gass Team

Meet the
Ashley Braden
Student Community Moderator
Kristi Veitenheimer

Kristi was a Podcast to Profit student who I just fell in love with. Over time Kristi's heart of gold shined so bright we invited her to become part of the team! She was a natural fit with the students and after taking all my courses and graduating P2P with honors, it was the perfect fit!

Strengths: Kind, encouraging, joyful, techy, and everyone's favorite solopreneur

Kristi was a teacher for 30 years and has been married to her honey for 38 years! She is a mini to her amazing grandsons and she loves Jesus, her family, her church, and chocolate (in that order)! 

Samantha Semans
Promotions & Graphics Intern
Deborah Smith
Social Media Moderator
Alayna Clements
Social Media Moderator
Tabby Hamrick
Facebook Moderator & Ambassador of the Week facilitator
Sarah Beisel
Blog Writer
Katie Flores
Blog Writer
Mandy Lewis

Mandy started with #teamstef in January as an intern and her role has grown exponentially! Mandy is now our full-time blog manager and helps us with organic traffic, Pinterest, and SEO optimization! 

Strengths: Detail-oriented, faster than the speed of sound, focused, kind, and intuitive

Mandy has a heart for the Lord, loves the beach, and can usually be found in between 8 books at once.

Tia Jell
Blog Writer
Jennifer McGraw
Blog Writer
Haley Bond
Pinterest Strategist
Ale Merino

Ale and I go way back to my network marketing days! After taking one of my very first programs, I encouraged Ale to start a graphic design business. I saw her gift clear as day. She began doing graphics for all my clients, and then for me. Here we are three years later and she is the sole designer for all of Stefanie Gass, LLC, my students, and my clients! She runs www.ahappymompreneur.com

Strengths: Creative, Techy, Supportive, Visionary, Heartfelt, and totally ON-IT!

Ale lives in Monterrey, Mexico with her husband and 2 kids. She loves summer and home organization.

To get in touch with anyone on TeamStef, please email us at
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