In Less Than Two Hours a Week Using Podcasting


How to Build a Successful Online 
Business in Less Than Two Hours 
a Week Using Podcasting

When you walk in your purpose, your life is transformed.

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Come listen to hours of free training and live business coaching that will help you get clarity on your ‘thing’, create a passive income business using podcasting, courses, and authentic marketing strategies. All on a foundation of faith by partnering with God in life and business! You will also hear inspiring interviews from Stef’s students and industry experts... and… laugh… a lot.

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I am about to have my first 10K month and have been featured as a top 15 VA Coach by Yahoo! Finance!

I have worked with Stefanie for over a year and a half! Both privately and have taken her courses. Because of her mentorship and strategy, I am now able to say I have a TOP ranked podcast that’s about to pass 30K downloads! And, I’m about to have my first 10k month. EEK!!! I have also been recognized as a top 15 VA Coach by Yahoo! Finance. I have Multiple e-courses that are helping others while allowing me to stay present for my kids. Forever grateful to Stef. Take the leap, you won’t be disappointed.

 Aubree Malick | Freelancer to CEO

I have a THRIVING Top 50 Ranked Podcast that’s about pass 100K Downloads!

After working with Stef for over a year, both 1:1 and in her courses and mastermind I am now able to say I have a THRIVING, top 50 ranked podcast that’s about to pass 100k downloads! A fully passive digital course academy which is passive income that pays me while I cook dinner, sleep, and play with my kids! I could cry because this business was something I only dreamed of before coaching with Stef. To God be the glory.

Chelsi jo Moore | Systemize your Life

My podcast reached 1,000 downloads in 5 days and is now in the top 50 for my category!

My podcast grew and became a focal point for generating leads..... WOOOOO!!!!!
SO SO SO thankful for Stefanie Gass and Podcast Pro University. Doing a clarity call with Stef was a GAME changer! I dove in and in 18 days, I had a podcast. I have PEACE and clarity and a PLAN! My podcast reached 1,000 downloads in 5 days and is now in the top 50 for my category!

I would recommend PPU and Stef's coaching to everyone who has a heart tug to start a podcast.
THANK YOU X100000!!

Polly Payne | Horacio Printing Co.

Within 30 minutes of a coaching call with Stef I booked my first PAYING Client!"

Within 30 minutes of our first call, I booked a PAYING client! Absolutely mind blowing. We are barely half way through Podcast to Profit Mastermind and I'm dreading when it ends. I have IMPLEMENTED so many things because of what Stef has taught me. She shows you how to take action and move forward. If you need clarity, she is the QUEEN of getting you on track!  Stef I cannot thank you enough and can't wait to experience the rest of P2P!

Susie Aguilar | She Embraces Fear

My podcast hit #1 in my category within 2 months!

Working with Stef, my Podcast hit #1 in my category within 2-month's time!!!
Stef definitely has a God-given gift for clarity-- helping me see my calling-- and share with me concrete tools & support (she's a GENIUS in copywriting, btw) to step up to God's calling for me in podcasting. Could you believe I went from no podcast to publishing my first episode in less than 2 weeks? Can you believe that I can now pour into doing something I love and call myself a "podcaster"? Before I met Stef, I didn't. But through taking her courses, individual coaching and Podcast to Profit mastermind, I know there's no stopping. Grateful to God and blessed to have Stef in my life!

Jennifer Lee | Live Blessed Nurture Well

I had an 11K LAUNCH with the program Stef and I created and was able to grow my Facebook group from 150 to over 3,000 members!

I am THRILLED with the business transformation I've gotten over the past 4 months! At the beginning of P2P, I didn't have an existing coaching client base and now I am fully booked with 1:1 coaching in my business! I had an 11K LAUNCH with the signature program Stef and I created and was able to grow my Facebook group from 150 to over 3,000 members! My podcast is also organically growing and flowing. My business is finally everything I KNEW it could be.
I am forever grateful, and am obviously keeping Stef as my business coach. If you're on the fence about working with her or taking her programs, RUN before they sell out.

Brooke Jefferson | Book More Clients Photography Podcast

I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy!

I was able to create and launch my first digital signature course in just 90 days!
And I generated $2000 in just two days using Stef's simple launch strategy.

I now have the confidence to create my next product, know exactly how to put everything together. I’m ready to begin serving my clients even deeper over the next few months.

Having Stefanie as my coach, mentor, and friend helped get me somewhere I don’t believe I could’ve gotten on my own. Grateful God brought us together.

Tracy Wren  |  Faith To Freedom

I have a top 25 ranked podcast with over 100K downloads in just a year!

After P2P and 1:1 coaching with Stef, I've met all of my goals and then some: Motherhood in ADHD ranks as a Top 25 Parenting podcast with over 100k downloads this year. I've created two courses, Daily Planning for ADHD Moms, and my signature program, Time Management Mastery for ADHD Moms, all while helping more than 70 moms with ADHD become more confident and capable in their daily lives through my student community. I'm blown away by what God has done!

Patricia Sung | Motherhood in ADHD Podcast

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It's time to build a business that lights you up. You have everything inside of you to start. Right now.

Be strong and Courageous -Joshua 1:9

-Proverbs 16:3

"Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and He will establish your plans."

Whether you are starting from scratch and need clarity and next steps, or are ready to scale an organic audience using podcasting, or are ready to monetize using courses or coaching - I have the solution for you, sis!

Come hang out and connect with like-minded Kingdom women who are on a mission to create impact while raising world changers!

Hours of free training on how to get clarity on your 'thing', grow an audience, podcasting hacks, growing in faith and living with intention!

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Your dreams pale in comparison to God’s dreams for you.

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Take your podcast to the next level in the Podcast to Profit Group Coaching Mastermind Program. This is an immersive, 90-day, intimate program helping your show skyrocket. Optimization, SEO, keywords, marketing, visibility, course, coaching or program creation, special guests, sales pitching, and launch strategy! Profiting from your podcast is easier than you think when you follow a proven system.

Monetize your show using Courses and Coaching

Step 3:

Join hundreds of students who have started, launched, and scaled successful podcasts using Podcast Pro University! From planning, recording, editing, and promoting, to monetizing and ranking - this course will help you grow a sustainable, scaleable audience from behind a mic! If you want to stop battling algorithms and grow a thriving business without the hustle, podcasting is the answer.

Start a Podcast and Grow an Organic Audience, Online

Step 2:

Join me in Clarify Your Calling! In 4 short weeks, you will be clear on your ‘thing’ and you will learn how to start your online business. You will know what you do, who you serve, and how you serve them. You will walk away from this course with a 5-tier Brand Map: title, tagline, description, avatar clarity, and a content plan so that you can start a business partnered with God. You will be able to answer ‘what you do’ and ‘who you serve’ with absolute clarity! Stop wondering where to start. Clarity is calling.

Clarify Your Calling

Step 1:

How to create a fulfilling, passive-income business,

Our Soul Waits For The Lord. He is our help and our shield - Psalm 33:20

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another -Proverbs 27:17

I'm so proud of you

Now the best thing you can do is take action. You won't feel ready. It won't feel 100% clear.
Holy spirit releases His power within you when you step out in faith!
God waits for us to act.
Move in your weakness. He will strengthen you!

After chasing worldly success for 6 years, becoming a 6-figure corporate exec, then a top 1% network marketer… I was still lost. The money wasn't changing my life and I was slowly losing the things that were most important to me.

After a business failure and full-on identity crisis in 2016, God restored me. He led me back to HIS path for my life and asked me to be a light for other women who were ready to lead a God-centered business. He blessed me with the gift of clarity and told me GO, sweet daughter.

3 years later I am in awe of his favor and the work I GET TO DO - helping women just like you uncover their callings so they can start Kingdom businesses. All the Amens.

If you are ready to say YES to everything the world says you aren’t, but everything God says you ARE - I’m the coach and mentor for you. Your dreams pale in comparison to God’s dreams for you.

Get ready for business strategy, clarity coaching, Kingdom wisdom, and all things entrepreneurship. So excited to meet you, sister.

Daughter of the King, wife, mama, coffee lover, and #pjsallday enthusiast!

Hey New Friend! I’m Stef.

for I know the plans I have for you - Jeremiah 29:11
I can do all things through him who strengthens me - philippians 4:13

Want your question to be answered live on the show? Record a quick voice memo below. Feel free to ask anything related to business, clarity, faith, or leave Stef a testimony about how she has helped you!

"Rejoice evermore." - 1 Thessalonians 5:16

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How to Build a Successful Online Business in Less Than Two Hours 
a Week Using Podcasting

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