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In this post, I give you my top tips and strategies to plan your content and easily create 20 new content ideas in 20 minutes or less!


June 17, 2022

Create 20 Content Ideas for Your Podcast, Fast!

Ready to build a business that actually makes money? Learn how to grow a successful online business in less time.


June 16, 2022

How to Build a Business Online (That Actually Makes Money) in 2 Hours a Week

I am sharing my heart on why social media marketing is dead, and what you can do instead that saves HOURS of time and moves the needle WAY FASTER than social media.

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Online Marketing

June 8, 2022

5 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Dead + What to Do Instead!

5 clues to know if podcasting for business is the right fit to grow your online business. Should you start a podcast & how to grow your online business in less time.

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June 6, 2022

5 Ways to Know if Podcasting is the Right Business Model for You

Aubree Malick from Freelancer to CEO is here today to tell all. She is walking you down memory lane of what it’s like to work with me for two years, take all my courses, and fight the ‘messy middle’! 45K Months & 100K Podcast Downloads in 2 Years!

100K Podcast Downloads


November 23, 2021

45K Months & 100K Podcast Downloads in 2 Years!

So you have a podcast (or you’re thinking about one) but it’s not growing, making you money, or saving you time on the back-end. Spoiler: You need some SYSTEMS. A mentor who can show you HOW to get exponential podcast growth in a short amount of time. A community and sisterhood that will keep you ACCOUNTABLE. You need Podcast to Profit.

podcast growth


November 18, 2021

From 400% Podcast Growth to Ranking in 14 Countries!

“What should my holiday podcasting plan be to maintain or grow my downloads?” I loved this question so much that I came up with a simple, 3-step strategy for you to use to make sure your podcast maintains momentum during the holidays.

holiday podcasting plan


November 16, 2021

Holiday Podcasting Plan! Grow Your Downloads During the Holiday Season!

“How do I map out a podcast episode outline quicker?! I’m wasting time planning and drafting episodes.” I loveeeee this question so much and I am revealing for the FIRST TIME EVER… how I personally map out podcast episodes in 10 min or less.
You are going to save so much time with this simple podcast episode layout system.

podcast episode outline


October 26, 2021

Map Out Your Podcast Episode Outline in 10 Mins or LESS!

Today’s episode is all about titling your podcast. How to pick a podcast title that CONVERTS! I will walk you through 4, must-have components of a stellar podcast name. Podcasting hacks for Christian Entrepreneurs who want to work from home!

podcast title


October 21, 2021

Pick a Podcast Title That CONVERTS! 4 Must-Have Components of a Podcast Name

“How do I scale my podcast past 1K?” What strategies can I use to grow faster?
I loved this question because launching is honestly… the easy part. Moving into consistency and staying motivated to show up week after week is the real work! I’ll be sharing 3 ways for you to scale your podcast over 10K, 100K downloads, and beyond.
These are strategies that I’ve been using myself for 3 years and they have helped me grow into a half a million download podcast!

scale your podcast


October 19, 2021

3 Ways to Scale Your Podcast to 10K… 100K Downloads and Beyond!

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