You are seconds away from starting a successful podcast!

Podcasting is hands down

the easiest way to grow an online audience.

It is evergreen content that works FOR you. Forever. There are no algorithms to figure out, no videos to record, and virtually zero overhead.

Podcasting allows you to teach others, generate leads, and make money from behind a mic.

Not to mention it’s easy, fun, and you can record anytime, anywhere. #pjsallday anyone?!

Inside the Podcast Pro University Course

You’ll Learn How To:

Craft Show Notes






build your Podcast plan




Knew exactly what your podcast would be called and what you'd talk about

Had a step by step plan to go from idea to launched podcast

Didn’t have to worry about expensive editing because you knew how to do it yourself

Were able to grow an engaged audience and get leads without social media hustle

Knew how to make money from your podcast from day one

Had a community to help answer all your questions and accountability to keep you focused

Imagine if you...

Are you ready to start your own show but feel stuck?

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned from creating a top 20, 1.5 million+ download podcast, and put together 12 simple steps for you to follow.

plan, record, launch, and grow your very own podcast WITH EASE.

If I and thousands of students can do this, so can you. Start a podcast and watch it
become the catalyst for your growth. While everyone else is wasting time on
social media, you'll be building an organic audience in a few hours a week!

You'll be able to connect, nurture, and even convert
without ever getting on video, or the DMs.

And, you will grow a community faster than you ever thought possible.

If I and over 750 students can do this, so can you. Start a podcast and watch it become the catalyst for your growth. While everyone else is wasting time on social media, you'll be building an organic audience in a few hours a week!

You'll be able to connect, nurture, and even convert without ever getting on video, or the DMs.

And, you will grow a community faster than you ever thought possible.

and Counting!

Over 2K+ Students

My podcast reached 1,000 downloads in 5 days

Dream Planning Podcast

Polly Payne

I ranked #26 in the parenting category the first week of my launch

Special Kind of Motherhood podcast

Ashley Braden

On launch day, I ended up getting over 400 downloads and ranking #28 in Nutrition in the United States by following Stef's plan

Vision Driven Podcast

Robin McDonald

In 6 months, I hit 50K
downloads. I have gotten
clients from my listeners!

Health Beyond 40

Robin McDMichele Riechmanonald

After only 2 months of podcasting, I have over 3,500 downloads, and I got my first PAID speaking engagement!!

Morning Mama

Brittany Wilson

I ranked #26 in the parenting category without me posting nonstop on social media! This is all from SEO and all the amazing strategy Stef teaches in PPU! 

Special Kind of Motherhood

Ashley Braden

2 Corinthians 5:7

Walk by faith, not by sight.

Emily Fontes

I'm a Podcast Pro University student and let me tell you, Stef is the real deal. My podcast She Can SEO debuted at #25 in Marketing! I had 130 downloads my first day even though I only managed to launch one episode.
I've taken a lot of courses but this one is so well laid out, practical, zero fluff! It gives you every single pieces step by step!

She Can SEO

"Emily launched a top #4 ranked podcast using the Podcast Pro University System!"

Krista Pullman

Podcast Pro university is the best course I have EVER taken. Podcasting and starting a show of my very own was SUCH a big dream. PPU changed the trajectory of my business, and my life. It laid out the entire roadmap for me and helped me launch my show faster then I ever could have imagined! From the date I enrolled in the course to the date my show launches was only 1 month!!! Within 2 days of launching my show hit NUMBER 6 on the iTunes chart! If you have ever had the thought of starting a podcast cross your mind, this is a #nobrainer! You NEED this course in your life. THANK-YOU for putting together such an incredible course. I am forever grateful.


"Krista launched a top #6 ranked podcast using the PPU System!"

Aubree Malick

Stefanie’s Podcast Pro University was one of the best courses I have ever taken. Stef literally left no stone unturned when she was creating this course. I was able to launch my podcast within one month. The thought of trying to figure everything that went into starting, launching and growing a podcast seemed daunting. PPU helped me get clear on the type of podcast I wanted to create, messaging, and content, as well as marketing and launch strategies. Stef breaks everything down in bite-sized chunks so you can tackle each step without feeling overwhelmed. I would have never been able to launch my podcast or gained so much traction so quickly without PPU. I am so grateful!


"Stef’s PPU Course is one of the best courses I have ever taken! I was able to launch my podcast in 30 days"

Joelle Suess

Stef and Podcast Pro University has helped me road map out the best possible directions for starting my podcast! First podcast pro university has saved me so much time, because it is specific on what to do one step at a time. And with a single private coaching session with STEF she helped me decide and get clear on all of the blocks that were holding me back.

For example I was so hung up on things like a name of my show, category, and other small details. I was over complicating it and Stefanie helped me navigate through all of it. My “idea” for a podcast has now come to life because of STEF! I trust her expertise and appreciate her knowledge that she gives. She affirmed that this is my gift and it is valuable to share.


"PPU saved me so much time! i was able to follow her plan step by step!"

Melodie Bishop

Thanks to Stef and her Podcast Pro University course, I launched my podcast in late July and ranked in both US and Canada in the Entrepreneurship category and in Canada for the Business category. I have over 50 reviews on my podcast and climbing and people are loving the content! I am consistently ranking in the top two for Christian Network Marketing podcasts on Apple and I have new peeps joining my Facebook community every month!


“I am consistently ranking in the top two for christian network marketing podcasts on Apple!”

This is not for you if:

You love spending time creating content that has a 24 hour shelf life

You love how much time you’re showing up online

You are making tons of money from social media

You’d rather make videos than record in your pj’s

This is for you if:

You want to grow your online business without hustle

You are sick of showing up everywhere online

You are ready to create long-form content that never expires

You are ready to simplify your strategy SO YOU CAN MAKE MONEY ONLINE

So what are you waiting for?

Save Big

pay in full

$997 /

one time

IMMEDIATE Course Access

Monthly Student Group Coaching

Private Student Community

Bonuses & Accountability

Most Affordable

Payment plan

$267 /

4 months

IMMEDIATE Course Access

Monthly Student Group Coaching

Private Student Community

Bonuses & Accountability

Kandice Ayo Bateast


I'm a top 1.5% ranked podcast!

Lori Morris

Since Launching my Podcast I've gotten 19 written reviews (with 22 5-star ratings), 417 downloads as of the time of this post, and I was #122 on the Alternative Health charts on Chartable one day last week!  Thanks to Stef and PPU for getting me off to a good start!

I ranked 122 on the charts!

Michelle Sagucio Vazquez

Stef’s PPU launch plan was able to get me 45 ratings on Launch Day! About 33 written reviews & total 45 ratings overall! For the entire week I received 58 ratings!

In 2 days I got 58 5-star ratings!

Hannah Brindley

Within a week of launching, my podcast hit #81 in the us for entrepreneurship and generated $8,000 in revenue.

Hit #81 in the US, within a week

Freedom from feeling like you have to show up everywhere online.

Freedom from wasting time and missing your family.

Freedom from feeling scattered and stuck in your business growth.

Podcasting allows you to show up in a few hours a week (in your COMFIES), works as long
form content (that converts), and it grows your audience on it’s own (while you sleep)!

If you’re ready for a step-by-step framework that will show you how to plan, record, edit,
and launch a podcast in 30 days - this is it. 

I’ll meet you inside.

It doesn't have to be so hard

Don't you want freedom?

A: This course can be taken in as little as a week or as much as 90 days. There are 12, very detailed modules taking you through each step and guiding your implementation. The modules are broken down into smaller training videos so that you can absorb each step as you go. The beauty of this being a self-study course is that you are welcome to push through the trainings at a quicker (or slower pace). Whatever works best for you.

Q: How long is this course?

A: This is a 100% self-study course. You do have access to Stef’s student community on FB where you can ask questions and get support from Stef’s team and prior PPU grads. 

Q: Is this live?

A: PPU is for you if you are DONE marketing on social media and showing up 24/7 online. You are 100% committed to building this business authentically, simply, and aligned with your calling. You want to do it by partnering with God so that you can build a business around your life, not run your life around your business. You need a step-by-step plan, implementation, and accountability to help you plan, launch, scale, and monetize your podcast. And, last but not least you don’t have a bunch of time to waste Googling your life away and want to do it RIGHT so that it grows fast, effectively, and begins to make an impact and income!

Q: How do I know PPU is for me?

A: This is a fully self-study program. However, you get access to my Student FB group community and my team and prior PPU grads are all there to support you. As a Stef Gass student you may submit questions for the group coaching calls at any time.

Q: Do we get any 1:1 or group coaching with this course?

A: In all honesty - this course is worth over $2,500. The number of successful podcasts and top ranking shows come out of it is unreal. However, I feel led to offer you a super affordable solution to getting your voice into the world. Creating kingdom entrepreneurs is my JAM and I know that God has big plans for you. It’s your time and if I can help you get there - it’s my duty and responsibility to. So, HECK YES. It is worth it’s weight in gold. Trust me. Podcasting exploded my community and my bottom line. AND, it gave me my time back.

Q: Shoot me straight. Is this course worth the investment?

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No. If you do the work, you will have results. 

Write us and ask away!

Still unsure?