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“How do you record a podcast episode from your phone?!” This is such a great question and the truth is, you can create a high-quality podcast recording straight from your phone, without a microphone, or even a headset!

record a podcast episode from your iphone


February 22, 2022

Learn Exactly How to Record a Podcast Episode From Your iPhone!

Learn how to pre-plan your content so that your podcast episodes have an authentic call to action that strategically points to your offer, coaching, or courses! CTA’s made easy!

call to action


February 1, 2022

How to Create Strategic, Authentic Call to Actions (CTAs)

10 Podcasting Stats That Prove Podcasting is Better Than Reels, Tiktok, and Stories! Swap Views and Likes for PROFIT.

Podcasting Stats


January 27, 2022

10 Podcasting Stats That Prove Podcasting is Better Than Reels, Tiktok, and Stories!

For online entrepreneurs who are ready to get your contacts off of social media and onto a list that YOU OWN. Build an email list that can nurture your listeners is LIFE.

build an email list


January 24, 2022

5 Steps to Start & Build an Email List Using Podcasting

What to focus on as you go from 100K-500K downloads on your show. This is the perfect time to focus on building a team, biz basics, building and growing, and becoming the director of growth in your organization! Success awaits!

Podcast Downloads


January 14, 2022

Focusing on Growth Between 100 K and 500K Podcast Downloads

Can I go from airing a new podcast episode every week to bi-weekly? Will it hurt my show?” Find out how often to drop a new podcast episode!



January 12, 2022

Should I Air a New Podcast Episode Weekly or Bi-Weekly?

What to focus on as you go from 10K-100K downloads on your show! I explain why this is the perfect time to focus on the 4 M’s! From Marketing to Monetizing as Christian Entrepreneurs.

podcast profitable


January 10, 2022

Ready to Make Your Podcast Profitable? Focus on the 4 M’s Between 10K-100K.

I Started My Podcast, Now What? From 0-10,000 Podcast Downloads + The 4 C’s. FOCUS ON FOUNDATIONS AND FUNDAMENTALS!

Started my podcast


January 6, 2022

I Started My Podcast, Now What? From 0-10,000 Podcast Downloads

How to Launch a Podcast in 30 Days. A 4-Week Framework taking you from planning to promoting your show. Building an evergreen platform is a MUST, and there’s no better time than the present to start a podcast!

launch a podcast


December 28, 2021

Launch a Podcast in 30 Days! 4 Week Framework From Planning to Starting Your Show!

In today’s quick tip Tuesday I’m answering the question, “when should I monetize my podcast? And how?”. I actually give you a SPECIFIC POINT in time to KNOW when it’s time to create ‘the thing’ and how it can best be presented to your audience for maximum impact and impact.

monetize a podcast


December 21, 2021

When & How to Monetize Your Podcast!

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