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Does Patient Parenting & Positive Discipline Really Work? Instilling Worthiness in Your Kids

Business Lessons


May 3, 2022

37 Life & Business Lessons I’ve Learned in 37 Years! It’s MY BIRTHDAY!

In today’s show, I walk you through my full 2021 recap. I share with you my goals, tell you if I hit them or not, what worked in 2021, what didn’t work, what was hard, and then I share what is CHANGING for next year. What new goals have I set and what my new word of the year is.

word of the year


December 16, 2021

Stef’s 2021 Full Year-End Recap. Word of the Year and numbers.

We are learning all about SELF-PUBLISHING! If it’s been on your heart to write a book, memoir, published lead magnet, listen in! Siobhan Jones is one of my clients and she is pure GOLD. She blesses us today with the entire self-publishing process and helps us understand how it all works.

how to self publish a book

Entrepreneurship, Miscellaneous

November 29, 2021

Want to Write a Book? Learn How to Self-Publish a Book!

This is My Alcohol Story. 15 Years of Normalizing Over-Drinking to Freedom. I made excuses and hurt my body for far longer than I needed to. I lied to myself about why I ‘needed a drink to have fun’ for too long. And I want to help YOU see that there is freedom on the other side of idols, addiction, and worldly norms.



November 11, 2021

This is My Alcohol Story. 15 Years of Normalizing Over-Drinking to Freedom

In today’s quick tip Tuesday episode, I answer this juicy question from Miranda Lee… “Is it really possible to be a great mom AND grow a thriving successful business?” I know this question is on many of your hearts, so let’s GET AFTER IT.

Successful Business Owner


November 9, 2021

Is It Possible to Be a Great Mom & a Successful Business Owner at the Same Time?

How she got 50K downloads, launched 2 courses, and went from being an Athiest to Faith FILLED. Scale your online business with clarity, podcasting, and e-courses. Christian Business Coach, Stefanie Gass.



September 27, 2021

50K Downloads, 2 Courses, and Faith-Filled after Atheism!

Here are the 36 life lessons I’ve learned as a mom, wife, and entrepreneur. Life Lessons from a Christian Entrepreneur!

Life Lessons from a Christian Entrepreneur


May 3, 2021

36 Life Lessons from a Christian Entrepreneur

My 2021 Word of the Year! Plus, What’s NEW For Me (and you) This Year? How to pick a new word of the year as a Christian entrepreneur

Word of The Year


December 31, 2020

My 2021 Word of the Year! What’s NEW For Me (and you)?

Power and Potential in IMMERSION as an Entrepreneur! Truth Chat About Events and Full Immersion as Kingdom Business Women.



December 11, 2020

Power and Potential in IMMERSION!

If you’ve known deep down that something isn’t right. That you should be able to live peacefully without a phone in your hand. That you sit anxiously waiting for the next ‘fix’… ‘hit’ of IG or FB. You are going to be SHOCKED at the tricks and manipulation tactics that got you HERE. It’s not your fault, sis. But, it is your responsibility to face this head-on. You can put a STOP to social media’s control over you.

social media addiction


October 7, 2020

You’re Being DRUGGED. The Truth About Social Media Addiction.

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