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I’m sharing my top business success strategies for building a podcast and creating a plan from scratch! Launch your podcast in 30 days!

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August 23, 2022

Building a Podcast With My Top Business Success Strategies!

Does Patient Parenting & Positive Discipline Really Work? Instilling Worthiness in Your Kids

podcast coaching

Live Coaching

May 2, 2022

From Unsure to Unstuck in 30 Minutes! Live Podcast Coaching

Does Patient Parenting & Positive Discipline Really Work? Instilling Worthiness in Your Kids


Live Coaching

April 26, 2022

LIVE Podcast SEO Refresh Coaching Session with Emily Nichols

Live Coaching: How to Get Clarity on Your Brand and Map Out a Podcast so that you can start generating organic evergreen leads, online as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Live Coaching

March 17, 2022

Live Coaching: How to Get Clarity on Your Brand

Podcast Tagline TIME! Dig Down DEEP to Find the Promise and Tactical Outcome for Your Brand so that you can start serving your avatar.

podcast tagline

Live Coaching

February 28, 2022

LIVE COACHING! Fine-Tune Your Podcast Tagline

Live Coaching! We totally re-work a brand and podcast vision from what she originally had. Together we create the 5 tiers of her brand map so that she can launch with confidence.

podcasting growth

Live Coaching

February 21, 2022

Pivoting Your Podcast and Online Business

How to get started with podcasting, and what should my title and tagline be? Craft a neat, clean, punchy tagline and title and start a podcast.

start podcasting

Live Coaching

February 14, 2022

Start Podcasting From Scratch and Create Your Title & Tagline!

What types of coaching should I be doing in my paid program vs. with my high ticket clients vs. on my podcast? This is such a great question and I actually broke it down into 3 specific types of coaching with 3 different outcomes! How to differentiate your coaching between the different spaces in your online business.

Live Coaching

December 7, 2021

What Types of Coaching Should I Do With My Clients?

Me and my girl Hannah Dickey jam on cleaning up her 5-tier brand map. We take her ideas and vision and tidy it all up so has a complete business plan. Hannah walks away with a title, tagline, I help statement, pillars, and description. We also dive into her avatar and keywords! Christian Business Coaching.

business plan

Live Coaching

December 6, 2021

Get Clarity & Create Your Business Plan! Coaching Session!

Get clarity on your online business plan and walk through your 5 tiers of a brand map. We discuss how you can integrate your network marketing business into your calling and create a brand of service. Create a title, tagline, I help statement, pillars, description, and more.

brand map strategy

Live Coaching

November 25, 2021

Strategy Coaching Call – From Mama to Podcasting Super-Star

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