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This is a simple 5 Step Niche Test that you can apply to any idea. It will give you proof of concept along with clarity on moving forward. I recommend everyone do this – no matter where you are in your business as a Christian entrepreneur.

niche test


September 17, 2021

5 Step NICHE Test! Validate Your Business Idea in 5 Simple Steps!

5 criteria that will help you determine if you’re ready to go full-time in your online business. It begins with hard work, consistency and a strategic long-term plan. Then, it moves to stability. Finally, we are able to scale.

Online Business


August 26, 2021

When to go FULL-TIME in Your Online Business! 5 Criteria to Leave Your J.O.B!

How to scale a profitable course and podcast engine. Growing your team, and utilizing paid challenges to grow your online business!

Advanced Scaling Strategies


August 2, 2021

Advanced Scaling Strategies, Hiring a Team, and Paid Challenges

Website 101! From Scrappy & Free to 5K Websites. What you NEED to Know as Kingdom Entrepreneurs! Setting up a website, choosing a host, and more!

Website 101


July 1, 2021

Website 101! From Scrappy & Free to 5K Websites for Online Biz

3 Non-Negotiables You MUST HAVE as a Successful Online Entrepreneur! Three things that will help you scale your online business to success, fast.

3 Non-Negotiables You MUST HAVE as an Online Entrepreneur!


June 21, 2021

3 Non-Negotiables You MUST HAVE as an Online Entrepreneur!

How to make money as an affiliate marketer. 4 Steps to growing an income stream using affiliate revenue. Build a profitable affiliate portfolio!

Affiliate Revenue


June 14, 2021

How I Made 4K in Affiliate Revenue Last Month (You Can, Too!)

Create a Kingdom Business

Create a Kingdom Business


June 9, 2021

5 Steps to Creating a Kingdom Business – FROM SCRATCH!

Professional Branding Photo Hacks for online entrepreneurs. How to get the most out of your branding shoots and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Professional Branding Photo Hacks


April 16, 2021

Professional Branding Photo Hacks! Biggest Bang for Your Buck!

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