My 2021 Word of the Year! What’s NEW For Me (and you)?

December 31, 2020
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Dark haired lady sitting at a desk in front of a laptop with a cup of coffee to the left of the laptop. She is looking at and smiling at a lighter haired lady who is standing next to her leaning over the computer

Do you struggle with titling your podcast episodes? Listen to this episode where Stef shares what NOT to do with your titles.

The more I get to know my students and the more I participate in masterminds with my peers the more I’m starting to comprehend the overarching problem and prevalence of one, perfectionism, and two, overthinking.

Perfectionism keeps us in a place of constant consumption and learning. Redoing things over and over and thinking that we can’t move forward until they measure up to some elusive standard.

dark haired woman sitting on the left side of a table with a light haired women sitting opposite her. They are having a discussion and there is a white microphone on the table between them.

How does Stef help her students create their titles, taglines, and descriptions? It’s a live coaching session on your podcast brand.

Why do I believe we need a morning routine? I believe you must have a morning routine because it helps you get into the mindset of productivity and purpose.
When we get right with God we: Renew Our Minds
Get Into the Word
Are Able to Live Our Life Guided by the Holy Spirit

The difference in how my day goes when I do my morning routine and when I don’t is night and day.

dark haired woman in a green shirt and blue jeans, is standing in front of a glass wall with a table in front of her. on the table is a laptop, white microphone, and a glass of juice. She is smiling at the camera.

Are you worried about running out of things to say on your podcast? Try these 6 strategies to keep the content flowing.

Dark haired lady leaning on her elbows smiling into the camera with a computer in front of her and two scatter cushions behind her.

Do you wonder what content to put in your Facebook groups? This post gives you 5 principles to follow

Dark haired lady holding a microphone and a mug and smiling into the camera

Learn how Podcast to Profit can help you make more money in your business with this conversation with my student, Sarah Brumley.

dark haired woman sitting on sofa reading a bible and drinking coffee

Have you ever driven through a part of your city and felt completely overwhelmed by the destruction and devastation and how dark the world is?

I want us all to find strength in the word. Let’s look at what the Bible says about our feelings, emotions, and honestly, the reality we’re faced with right now.

dark haired woman sitting on an ottoman, looking above and to her left. She is wearing a light green shirt and blue jeans, with a couple of books on her lap.

Unsure about social media? Use these 5 Biblically-based questions to determine if you should get off social media.

Dark haired woman sitting at her desk with a light brown haired woman leaning over her. Both are looking at a laptop screen.

Learn how to get brand clarity so you can connect with your target audience and make sales in your online business.

Dark haired lady looking at a computer with a pen in her hand and a contemplative look on her face.

As a Christian entrepreneur, you can include your faith in your podcast without niching down to Christian women. This blog gives three tips on how to do this.

dark haired woman leaning on a kitchen counter with a notebook, writing a list. She is wearing a pink headband, purple blouse, and denim overals. She is smiling at the camera and there's a white coffee mug next to her left hand.

Do you struggle with titling your podcast episodes? Listen to this episode where Stef shares what NOT to do with your titles.

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