Plan Your Productivity! 4 Productivity Systems I LIVE BY as a Kingdom Entrepreneur


September 30, 2021

podcast title

Today’s episode is all about titling your podcast. How to pick a podcast title that CONVERTS! I will walk you through 4, must-have components of a stellar podcast name. Podcasting hacks for Christian Entrepreneurs who want to work from home!

scale your podcast

“How do I scale my podcast past 1K?” What strategies can I use to grow faster?
I loved this question because launching is honestly… the easy part. Moving into consistency and staying motivated to show up week after week is the real work! I’ll be sharing 3 ways for you to scale your podcast over 10K, 100K downloads, and beyond.
These are strategies that I’ve been using myself for 3 years and they have helped me grow into a half a million download podcast!

transform your future

In today’s chat with Jessica Hottle from Face off With Your Feelings, we dive into the lies that cripple us from healing and wholeness. Imagine how free you would feel if your feelings didn’t get the final say in your life, but God’s word did? If you were able to operate from a place of stillness, embodying the fruit of the spirit in everything you did – what would your life look like? Feel like? How this could transform your future?

online business

Today, we are diving into 3 reasons why you shouldn’t use social media to build your online business and what to do instead as a Christian Entrepreneur. Why growing an audience and leads on social media is a huge risk. I give you other fail-safe ways to build an organic audience without the algorithm!

how much time does it really take to podcast

‘How much time does it REALLY take to podcast’? I dig deep into my podcasting schedule and explain exactly HOW LONG it takes me per episode per week. I walk her through minute by minute what I do and what my team does. I also explain how podcasting saves me roughly 10-15 hours per week that I would be spending on social media!

patient parenting

I brought on Patient Parenting Expert Robbin McManne from Parenting for Connection who is so gifted at helping parents parent with purpose, patience, and intention. She is truly a gift and I learned SO MUCH in this interview. We discuss WHY motherhood is so hard (spoiler: It’s not actually our fault!), how to transform your experience as a mom, and how to have well-behaved kids that feel seen, heard, and appreciated!

get more clients

In today’s episode, I am sharing 3 easy ways to get MORE CLIENTS! One of the #1 problems you shared with me was how to get clients in your business and I am excited to deliver! I thought about the most efficient and effective methods to driving sign-ups, sales, and contracts if you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, Coach, VA, network marketer, or mompreneur.

start a facebook group

In today’s Quick Tip Tuesday episode we are talking FACEBOOK GROUPS. When should you start a Facebook group? What does it mean to have a FB community? What if you don’t want to host your group on FB? Where else can you create community? I hope this helps you make up your mind about what to do that best suits you and your avatar!

what is idolatry

It’s time to start standing in the gap for my sisters. Equipping you with what I know so that you can walk in freedom. Today we are answering the question, ‘What is IDOLATRY?’ I am going over 6 ways to KNOW if you have an idol in your life. I will also explain how to break free from it.

plan your productivity

Today we are talking productivity systems! I am sharing my top FOUR productivity systems that I personally live by and use DAILY. I explain how to plan your productivity so you can get more done in less time. Planning and productivity hacks for Christian Entrepreneurs

training a new hire

“How much time should I spend training a new hire or a Virtual Assistant?” This is such a great question and I dig into specific, tactical advice for female entrepreneurs! I think anyone who has a team, or wants a team needs to listen to this hiring and training episode!


How she got 50K downloads, launched 2 courses, and went from being an Athiest to Faith FILLED. Scale your online business with clarity, podcasting, and e-courses. Christian Business Coach, Stefanie Gass.

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